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Real-time pricing, analytics & benchmarking across the UK savings market.

Savings Index


Savings Index is a platform that allows for deep interrogation of market data within the UK savings market. Timely market data for every UK savings rate is collected and categorised on a daily basis, and index levels for each category are calculated, providing benchmark comparison analysis.

Account ranking ladders within the Market Monitor provide an easy to use, quick snapshot of rate offers within a specific market segment across the UK savings space, with visualised data comparing a bank’s product versus the index level for a particular class of product.

An Index Builder facility provides users with a tool to build a customised index of peers that tracks rates for index constituents and calculates an overall benchmark rate for the index.

With 8+ years of market data available within the Savings Index database, historical datasets can be extracted to perform analysis and market simulations based on a wide array of requirements. 



With 30+ years combined experience in the interest rate technology space, the Savings Index founders bring their experience across the design, build and support of real-time fixed income trading platforms to the UK savings rate market.

The Savings Index platform incorporates technology solutions used at rates trading desks at several global investment banks, including real-time market data, market activity monitoring, and pricing tools.